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Our Vision:


Our Classroom

With God’s help we commit to uphold the evangelical faith and seek to build servant leaders of the church and mission for our generation and beyond.

Our Mission:

We strive to impart sound evangelical theological education to train future servant leaders; pastors and evangelists who are well equipped academically, geared to the needs of the church and the field in their context, and whose lives are prepared to be holy vessels for the Master’s noble purpose.

We aim to achieve this mission through encouraging:

  • Personal spiritual growth resulting in lives transformed into the likeness of Christ
  • Disciplined lifestyle, applying in personal life the truths learned
  • Faithful and diligent study of the bible for a life-changing encounter with God and daily walk with Him
  • Commitment to live with and serve others which ultimately prepares the students for ministry in the world.
  • Demonstrate exemplary lives in all respects
  • Servant-hood, willing to be the least and ready to serve, looking at Christian ministry in terms of servanthood
  • Develop a world vision and passion for the lost


Our Objectives:

  • To deepen and enrich the student’s faith and commitment to Christ
  • To help the student discover and develop his/her spiritual gifts and use them for God’s glory
  • To help the student develop ministerial skills
  • To train the student in servant leadership
  • To equip the student for diverse kinds of ministry
  • To help the student developed a disciplined lifestyle, holy living, surrendered life and life committed to mission