Training Leaders to Lead Others

Financial Information:

In a country like India, Christianity concentrates mainly among the poor and downtrodden people. Generally those who come forward to serve God in full-time ministry and seeking for admissions in institutions like ours are generally from poor family background with a genuine need for financial assistance.

One of the best ways we do to help such candidates is to reduce the fees as much as we can. This reduction of the fees has affected us in the general administration of the institutions t0 such an extent that we have difficulty in having adequate funds for our day today administration expenses.

The following is a brief explanation of fees:

1 Registration (Annual) 500.00
2 Tuition Fee (Per Semester) 10000.00
3 Boarding Fee (Per Semester) 1500.00
4 Establishment Fee (Annual) 500.00
5 Examination Fee (Annual) 300.00
6 Library Fee (Annual) 500.00
7 Games & Sports (Annual) 300.00
8 Medicare & Publications (Annual) 200.00
9 Mess Fee for Hostelers (Monthly) 1500.00
Total 15300.00


  1. Mess Fee is to be paid monthly.
  2. Fees keep changing according to the market value of the place. You are requested to confirm with the Business Manager for an updated calculation of the fees.
  3. Please note the above amount of Rs.15300.00 needs to be paid at the time of admission.
  4. A Scholarship Grant of up to 50% of tuition fees is available for deserving candidates. Please approach the Business Office for details.
  5. Tuition fees can be paid in two to three installments during the Semester on the approval of the Academic Dean.