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ECT Library:


Rev. Ngamkholal Haokip, Librarian

Library is the most important resource for educational institutions like Evangelical College of Theology. A lot of effort has been put by the Management Committee and the Faculty to develop the Library for the benefit of the students. Books are expensive and it will always remain a challenge for institutions like us to develop a Library to meet the students’ requirements.

As of now, we have 26000 volumes with more than 12500 titles of collections. One main problem is we are often left without any option for choice of titles, as the titles that we need are not always available in our limited market places.

Books related to the subjects of Biblical Studies and Theology are particularly hard to find as devotional books and related subjects are more easily available perhaps because of their relevance to the Christian public in general.

The students are required to study in the library both in the morning and in the evening hours. Some two/three hours are alloted to students every day to study and work on their assignments.

Computerization of the library has been started which make it very convenient for both the students and the librarian staff.

We thank all those who donate either in cash or in kind towards the library and we continue to invite free-will donations. One can also make a  memorial donations in memory of their loved-ones as we still need a long way to go as far as development of the library is concern!

We also welcome any kind of services to make our library more efficient. Please feel free to contact us from the contact page.